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  1. Sanderrr 11. 01 2015

    Mod: Traktor Objekte
    Ein V1.1 version würde bald kommen, aber ohne eine Deutsche reame. Ich bin Niederländer und Deutsch ist nicht meine beste sprache um (lange) readme's zu schreiben

  2. Sanderrr 29. 08 2014

    Mod: Vervaet Hydro Trike
    The Vervaet does not work without a manure injector. It is scripted that way, and it is like in RL. Here in Holland it is a law that the manure must be injected into the ground. You can see the connector for the hose at the back of the tank, thiw is where the manure flows to the injector.
    JelmarVZ forget to put a link of the Zunnhammer pack in the description, you can use the Zunhammer Vibro (The Vervaet is made for the Vibro, because there are no other manure injectors) and the hoses to connect to containers etc.
    Also, i can understand German, but my German isn't good enough to type it ;)

    I am the guy who helped and i did make the 3d model, yay my name is on the tank :P (only red & red-yellow)?

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  3. Sanderrr 03. 02 2014

    Mod: Traktorbumper
    ^^ Original mod/original link

  4. Sanderrr 16. 12 2013

    Mod: Evers Bali
    Should have known that.... Next time better :)

  5. Sanderrr 20. 01 2013

    Mod: Case MXM 130
    The errors, it's an nice looking mod. But you pay for the beauty whith an log full of errors, some tools just dissapears but the shop says i already have one... PL_Teams, i hate your mods so much, every mod i downloaded from you, they all have many log errors and you guys are spamming ModHoster whith new versions whith bug fixes and ugly new tires.

  6. Sanderrr 22. 05 2012

    Mod: Manderveen
    Hm, ich habe das V1 gemacht...
    Er waren kein bergen in Holland... (duh...)
    Und keine BGA's...
    Kein research... :'(

  7. Sanderrr 18. 08 2011

    Mod: Koegel LKW Kipper
    wo gibts das frontgewicht bitte pn

  8. Sanderrr 09. 06 2011

    Mod: Finnish Countryside
    where can you find these old sheds?
    i need some

  9. Sanderrr 26. 05 2011

    Mod: Land Rover
    Das ist ein Zetor!!
    (Ist auch schrot :P )

  10. Sanderrr 28. 03 2011

    Mod: Claas Liner 3000
    ist dieser mod washable?

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