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  1. Mod: BMW X5 48 IS
    - FIXED inverted indoor camera.

  2. Mod: BMW X5 48 IS

    bitte warten für die version 1.01. Problem behoben.

    Please wait for version 1.01. Problem fixed. (already uploaded, just it has to be published now).

  3. Mod: Audi Allroad
    Sie haben Recht, mein Fehler.

  4. Mod: VW Golf Typ1k GTI
    As many of you requested Golf in red color, there is now available for download. V1.0 RED.

  5. Mod: VW Golf Typ1k GTI
    It will be available in red colour too soon. mfg, themercedesbenzfan

  6. Mod: Mercedes Benz C350
    I have just added NON MR version. Look at the download link. Newer link is without MR.

  7. Mod: Mercedes Benz C350
    Ok, will do C350 without MR mod. Just give me some time.

  8. Mod: Mercedes Benz C350
    You need more realistic game engine to run this mod

  9. Mod: Mercedes Benz C350
    You need more realistic game engine to run this mod.

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  10. Mod: Ford Mustang 1965
    -RED COLOR (I think it looks better than in black)
    -MUCH reduced file size (only 5MB)
    -New chrome wheels

  11. Mod: BMW pack
    You need more realistic game engine for running this mod.

  12. Mod: Audi Allroad
    As I received many request for Audi without More realistic mod I created this one.

  13. Mod: Audi Allroad
    the mod is a mr version so you need mr engine in you mod folder

  14. Mod: Audi Allroad
    FIXED IN V1.2:
    - added passenger script (press C to enter as a passenger)
    - removed annoying back light
    - improved handling of the car (won't roll over easily anymore)
    -lower top speed (75km/h)

  15. Mod: Audi R8 Spider
    -in v1.1 added Passanger (mp compatibile)

  16. Mod: Audi Allroad
    Model aus 3d warehouse von google. Autor: GL450.

  17. Mod: Audi Allroad
    V1.1 FIXED: bitte warten..wartet auf die Genehmigung.

    PROBLEM (Motor startet nicht): Error: LUA running function 'update'
    D:/code/lsim2013_desktop/build/finalbin/dataS/scripts/InputBinding.lua(47) : attempt to index field '?' (a nil value)

  18. Mod: Audi R8 Spider
    hat's just your opinion. Every farmer needs a car and this one is beautiful.

  19. Mod: Audi R8 Spider
    If you don't like the cars you don't have to download it!

  20. Mod: Audi R8 Spider
    *NO Errors in Log(error-frei)!
    *Keep original download link!

  21. Mod: Mercedes Benz E class
    I want to upload it separately, but admin merged first cls v1 with e class, so i upload v2 cls here as well. If it says CLS at the end of the version it is Mercedes cls class, if only says like V2.1 is the E class

  22. Mod: Mercedes Benz E class
    You cannot claim that this mod is not useful! You can attach trailer on it and transport other things around farm and map.

  23. Mod: Mercedes Benz E class
    NEW V2 CLS:
    Reconverted model (now smooth with better textures),
    New AMG wheels,
    New steering wheel,
    Added Windows,
    Added blinkers,
    Added better trailer hitch,
    Cleaned file (only 6MB file!),
    Now in Diamond white metallic

  24. Mod: Mercedes Benz E class
    NEW IN V2.1:
    -Added Windows (standard windows_diffuse)
    -much improoved driving behaviour
    -cleaned zip folder

  25. Mod: Mercedes Benz E class
    no errors in log in V2!

  26. Mod: Mercedes Benz E class
    NEW IN V2:
    -re-converted model -model is now completely smooth
    -fixed doors
    -fixed lights and blinkers
    -new trailer hitch (much better)
    -new steering wheel
    -fixed errors

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