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LS 17 : Inheritance v InheritanceV1edit2 [mp]

Inheritance Inheritance Mod
Not so long ago you saved a womans life and she just left you her entire Estate In the north there are still untouched areas, in which large fields lead up to mountains, that line cold and beautiful...
  1. Mogul 21. 09 2017

    Mod: CornBelt "Reloaded" 16fach
    I was excited to play your map, I can get my head around no english but I cannot undertsand why people use this uploaded site, I cannot wait 4 hours to download 700meg. Let me know if there is somewhere I can download it from a proper system. This site has its own fantatstic system. I'm only bothering complain becasue I have afeeling this is gonna be a awespme map

  2. Mogul 13. 07 2017

    Mod: Inheritance
    Hi Beethoven, this is a common problem with 4X maps and many of the much more experienced map modders than I are experiencing same problem. There are a few mods that cause the problem as well but some equipment does work. Using Course Play usually works though. The ground resposnse and more realistic weight mods definately cause it.

  3. Mogul 02. 06 2017

    Mod: Inheritance
    Hi sorry for late reply, the system has not allowed me to comment till now. I will fix this as soon as I have some time, its things like this Im really grateful for the comment.

  4. Mogul 22. 05 2017

    Mod: Inheritance
    you are very very welcome, thank you for your encouragement

  5. Mogul 18. 05 2017

    Mod: Inheritance
    I will have a look for any clipping issues but field if crashing your courseplay it is a memory issue your side, I have the same on all large fields on all 4X maps becasue of the size of the save so we all usually load but dont save CP courses on very big fields. As for the Lely it is the standard equipment one (middle choice of the htree standard load wagons.) Thak you for using my map, I love it and at this stage we all just suffer many comromises to play 4X maps, they do suffer tech issues thats why Stevie alos said he wont make anymore 4x maps too, and that is why I have kept this one simple in philosophy in many areas.

  6. Mogul 15. 05 2017

    Mod: Inheritance
    Hi, V1edit2, (V2 will have fodder mixer, fermenter and some others).

    The problem with the load wagon is due to a common technical error most modders experience with 4X mpas and even Stevie has aluded to this with his maps. The probelm if you want to get inot it is the depth of the tool itself but is a known 4X glitch. However, the vanilla Lily load wagon does pick up in all directions.

  7. Mogul 13. 05 2017

    Mod: Inheritance
    Clearly; and to think after all these downloads you are the first to notice, my you are a smart fellow, calp-clap-clap... (I made just for you so you wouldnt get lost)

  8. Mogul 06. 05 2017

    Mod: Inheritance
    Hi, sorry had a bit of a tough week but I am bringing an update shortly which should fix that, grass fill at the cow shed looks fixed as well as straw at pigs, but we do what we can as we can. Appreciate the heads up for sure. Should get the fix out by next weekend.

  9. Mogul 01. 05 2017

    Mod: Inheritance
    Thank you man, every version I'm adding to the landscape and scenery as well and every version so far I have also kept otimizing more and more. You have helped me much by letting me kinow all you find.

  10. Mogul 30. 04 2017

    Mod: Inheritance
    I confirm, I have not been able to load a previous gamesave over the new edit. I will however be uploading InheritanceV1edit2 tonight and it is error free so not sure what hapenned with your file ereedks but thanks for th headsup, I aprreciate always. Thank you for your care in Inheritance map.

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  11. Mogul 30. 04 2017

    Mod: Inheritance
    Hi I have none of these errors in my console on editor or in the commmand in game. I think you may have needed to start a new game for 1.1 but I will re-upoad what I have with correct file name - please re-download and see how it goes.

  12. Mogul 26. 04 2017

    Mod: Inheritance
    V1.01 Uploading tonight:
    Train silo no longer loses volumes after save game
    Removed floating manhole cover at Gas Station
    Casue of Stop start equipment and lift and drop of implements identified as caused by "better fuel usage mod" on most 4X maps

  13. Mogul 26. 04 2017

    Mod: Inheritance
    NB: the better fuel usage mod has been proven to be the casue of bouncing and stopstarting of implements and machines in fields while driven by hired workers. The results are severe, please disable this mod for all 4X maps.

  14. Mogul 26. 04 2017

    Mod: Inheritance
    doing some work and alos following Stevie it seems the better fuel usage mod is one of the things responsible for the bouncing on fields.
    The ground texture roller also crashes the map.

  15. Mogul 26. 04 2017

    Mod: Inheritance
    Thanks for input:
    We have fixed the manhole cover at the gas station
    We are working on the content loss problem
    The file issue is also being studied, so far we know it doenst happen with all plows or implements or harvesters and on some fields it does it with hired worker but CP works fine. Thank for your commitment to the map and we hope to fix problems quickly. We have alos been sifting through beta and workshop mods that dont do well on the map. So far we are asured of this, the same map in normal size will not have issues and some issues are being solved as Giants updates and gives modders more and more support.
    Thanks again

  16. Mogul 24. 04 2017

    Mod: Inheritance
    Important note: this new ground modification roller mod crashes the map

  17. Mogul 23. 04 2017

    Mod: Inheritance
    I'm in Africa s Im used to bandwidth going down the tubes on weekends. LOL

  18. Mogul 23. 04 2017

    Mod: Inheritance
    I know someone else shared the link to another mod site as well and I havnt heard that they had any issues.

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  19. Mogul 23. 04 2017

    Mod: Inheritance
    Havnt had anybody else with the problem so I dont know, maybe their server needed a reset, have you tried again.

  20. Mogul 22. 04 2017

    Mod: Inheritance
    Silo System error fixed, off-loading at farm train station now accrues to farm-silo total but holds an independant total for loading from itself to both train and trailer. will upload Beta 0.9 later tonight after a few fresh aesthetic improvements. Thank you to everyone downloading Inheritance 4X map, - enjoy and please dont hesitate to commicate issues or ideas. Field 13/12 identification error fixed. - so far all reported bugs fixed. Please let me know if you find anymore flying/floating objects.

  21. Mogul 22. 04 2017

    Mod: Inheritance
    Silo System error fixed, off-loading at farm train station now accrues to farm-silo total but holds an independant total for loading from itself to both train and trailer. will upload Beta 0.9 later tonight after a few fresh aesthetic improvements. Thank you to everyone downloading Inheritance 4X map, - enjoy and please dont hesitate to commicate issues or ideas.

  22. Mogul 22. 04 2017

    Mod: Inheritance
    Thank you so much for notice. Will correct these issues over this weekend. watch for next update

  23. Mogul 17. 04 2017

    Mod: Inheritance
    Hi Guys, please be patient - delaying tonights upload till I can get some stuff with textures fixed. Chopped straw is working and those textures are great but grass and straw heaps and windrow (material dropping need some fixing) Sorry but want to get it right, Inheritance map is worth it!! Thanks, MOGUL

  24. Mogul 17. 04 2017

    Mod: Inheritance
    To be honest I trusted the 4x starter I used would have that correct never even thought of resizing those PNGs.

  25. Mogul 17. 04 2017

    Mod: Inheritance
    I know I have a problem with something somewhere there. I am trying to fix it but my windrows and mowing and grass pile look wrong. I am new to this, Ive worked with teams doing parts but this is my first whole map alone casue I just couldnt get anyone to 'SEEE' the vision of long trips to market, large fields and the realism that provbides for immersion and trains etc. If you are able to help with any of this I would be so grateful. I downloaded the grle converet this morning but I'm still battling to figure it out. managed to get chopped straw loaded. please let me know ?? I so appreciate your comment, I really think the concept I have is worth taking all the way.

  26. Mogul 17. 04 2017

    Mod: Inheritance


    Removed roads from field 11
    Removed unused waterplanes
    Removed more flying objects & floating objects


  27. Mogul 17. 04 2017

    Mod: Inheritance
    danke, appreciate the feedback. I will remove the road parts, thanks for telling me. Its a work in progress. Working on ongoing smooting and clean up, its enormous and Im working alone so be patient and together we will have a great farm. I havnt had the plowing problem yet but I have not had time to test every field area complete yet. happy easter Piet, blessings. (Please keep me updated with your experiences)

  28. Mogul 16. 04 2017

    Mod: Inheritance


    Straw planes (Pigs & Cows)
    Moved the Field 5 Buy Trigger

    Optimized clip distance on various

    Silo Capacity

    New Road for feed trough at pigs
    More concrete areas for Placeables

  29. Mogul 16. 04 2017

    Mod: Inheritance
    Hi Terry, thank you so much for your feedback, update is coming out tomorrow. Please continue to let me know of any issues, i appreciate it. I will look inot the field 5 situation. The cow pasture is massive and they cross roads at thin points leading all the way to the station siding. If you want me to make a map with a more restricted mesh for the cows I can confine them to the main field close to the dairy for you. I just wanted the size of their are ato be big enough to be realistic for a large herd dairy. Updates and improvements will keep coming - thanks again.

  30. Mogul 14. 04 2017

    Mod: Inheritance
    Thank for your comment, this is really Beta001 and a work in progress, we will develp it for consoles if there is a demand. One of the focuses id for people to use there own placeables at this stage but it is for people who want a realistic logistic challenge, who want to have realistic purpose for the trains and for people who want realistic purpose for Very Large equipment. I hope people get this focus at this stage, but if the map is liked I will develop other directions for other style players. Thanks again for your early and fair comment schmidtchensschmidt.

  31. Mogul 14. 04 2017

    Mod: Inheritance
    This mod is perfect for the upcoming Big-Bud DLC. There are only two routes to get massive quatities of product to market -A) Through the mountains by train B) Through the mountains by truck (train Journey 7.5 minutes game time round trip and +/- 2 minutes by truck one-way

  32. Mogul 21. 05 2016

    Mod: Gras entfernen
    A gem of a mod that really provides a real solution to people who cant tinker with GE, thank you

  33. Mogul 17. 05 2016

    Mod: Elmshagen XL Reborn
    BGA doesn't work so why bother put it there, no price for silage. AnimalHUD doesn't work with this map which scares me if you get a map conflict already with such a simple map, otherwise love the concept and would be very keen to play it.

  34. Mogul 12. 05 2016

    Mod: Glenvar Farm
    Ok so three days later and many hours, firstly thanks to Julian for the map, it is wonderfully immersive and a great job of rendering a new environment. I will keep playing it; BUT BE WARNED - this is not a map for beginners and I'm not just saying that because its a challenging map but also because if you want to make proper use of this map you will have to have some modding ability; just for example the fill triggers at silo's didn't work and needed me to go add the extra types in Giants editor. If you can do these types of small things then go for it, its gorgeous; if not - leave this map for now.

  35. Mogul 08. 05 2016

    Mod: Glenvar Farm
    Ok so here goes humble pie: when I read the German I realized that this was deliberate and a part of the map, I also humbly submitted top your suggestion that these things can be done on by my self so I spent a ay and learned AND if anyone is interested and Julian12 agrees, I have a version now that has a simple matched cow-shelter with a Straw plane under it with fill trigger that gets your manure going and I can give you the link to a truck trigger with milk tank so you can place it in-game and use your milk yourself if you like, so it is not hard to get Glenvar up to standard FS15 animal husbandry ops, AGAIN Julian hope you don't mind but I had to play this map, so thank you very very much for an absolute work of art.

  36. Mogul 07. 05 2016

    Mod: Glenvar Farm
    Please help me, I have searched for forum or google references but nothing, I REEEEALLY want to play this map. The minute I save the milk robot disappears and I have tested there is no trigger to accept straw so no manure; even though milk keeps being produced. I kind of feel funny about starting a long career on a map that has an issue form the start. I spent a day trying to find the problem in Giants editor and still no joy. The You Tube videos are not helpful and nobody else seems to notice the problem but one you tube video I noticed no milk robot. I really would appreciate some help!

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