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V 1.0 Mod für Eurotruck Simulator 2

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The modification allows you to acquire ownership of new types and variants of couplings.
It is necessary to buy in a single game,”to modify” and it is possible to repair in Truckers MP.
Stored like the rest of the trailers under “Trailer”.

List of features
-Saved the full functionality of the trailers.
-Added 6 new types of couplings.
-Added 150 different chassis options.
-Trailers fully support customization.
In the trailers it is possible to load the gaming goods from “stock of goods”.
-Work in Truckers MP!

You can also combine this modification with:
1.”Sun-[T] Open accessories for trailers [Thicke MP]”
To discover more details of tuning and there were parts where they are not.
2.”BC-[T] there is No limit to the double linkage [For Truckers MP]”
In order for you to be able to save in any garage and load in any country.

Sequence of use (All to perform in a single game)
1.Download the mod to the mods folder;
2.Go to the game and connect the mod in the profile (Manager modifications);
3.Go to the section “Buying trailers”;
4.Choose the desired trailer;
4.1.Customize for yourself
5.1.Go to Truckers MP.



Modell: Belka647
Textur: Belka647
Script: Belka647
Idee / Konzept: Belka647
Tester: Belka647
Sonstige: Belka647


  • 05. April, 01:49 Uhr
    Version 1.0


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V 1.0
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