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V update auf 1.31.x Mod für Eurotruck Simulator 2

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1/3 Scale map mod of Tokyo – Yokohama.
DLC Going East and Scandinavia require.
Standalone mod.

-ETS2 v1.28x
-Jazzycat`s AI traffic

v1.261 small bug fix update for weather settings.
-Original climate set for Tokyo area.
-weather definition/texture adjusted.

and add a New Skybox.
It appears 18:00-18:30. 1/3 rate.



Modell: Koutsu
Textur: Koutsu
Script: Koutsu
Idee / Konzept: Koutsu
Tester: Koutsu
Sonstige: Koutsu


  • 04. Mai, 23:32 Uhr
    Version update auf 1.31.x

    1/3 scale Tokyo-Yokohama Map mod.
    -ETS2 v1.31 compatible
    -AI Traffic Pack by Jazzycat v7.3 compatible
    -Kawasaki Expanded, new Garage and Cargo.

    Kawasaki is one of the Heavy Industrial area of Greater Tokyo.
    The factories in Kawasaki was a driving force of economic miracle of Japan.
    On the other hands, Nothing could survive in Waste water filled Tamagawa river.
    Polluted air of the Chemical and Steel Industries and Noises of heavy traffic got people to sick.
    Kawasaki called “City of Pollution”

    Kawasaki`s environment had changed nowadays.
    The site of moved factories be redeveloping to Shopping malls,Apartments and R&D facilities.

    Also Kawasaki is 8th largest cities of Japan.(without Tokyo 23 wards)


  • 05. April, 18:55 Uhr

    1/3 Scale Tokyo – Yokohama map mod.

    1.307 is beta version.
    -Improved performance
    -Fix incorrect definitions
    -Prefabs looks and AI route update
    -Realistic traffic spawn rate
    -New AI Bus “WillerExpress”

    North of Kawasaki Area has not detailed scenary.


  • 10. März, 16:00 Uhr

    - 1/3 Scale Tokyo-Yokohama map mod
    - +New landmarks for Kawasaki.
    - +ETS2 v1.30 compatible

    - Trucks customization crash the game.(SCS original bug from 1.30release version)
    - Port of Tokyo and Kawasaki is under building.
    - Weather definition reset to default.

    - Jazzycat`s AI mod v6.31 compatible.

    Changes in v1.3.0.5:

    - ETS2 1.30x compatible
    - Add a MAN Truck dealer at Kawasaki
    - Daishi Junction&IC completed
    - Brand new road prefabs and templates
    - Hino Dutro-Hybrid Packer AI

    Required: DLC East,Scandinavia and France required.

    Tested on game version 1.30.x

  • 29. August, 19:22 Uhr
    Version 1.261


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