SuperZoom (für große Karten) von Arayas

V update auf 1.34 Mod für Eurotruck Simulator 2

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SuperZoom (for big maps) by Arayas for Ets2 game


This is a simple mod to increase the size of the MAP so you can see the whole thing

mostly designed for Promzona, RusMap, RK Steppe or Russian Open Spaces or even with YKS Turkey.


The zooming it's bigger than similar files from online enviroment.

No need to say, the background of the map it's not gonna fit,


but the only good zoom i've seen it's in vanilla game and thats all.




The mod needs to be above any GPS or map mod. 


Modell: Arayas
Textur: Arayas
Script: Arayas
Idee / Konzept: Arayas
Tester: Arayas
Sonstige: Arayas


  • 21. Februar, 18:01 Uhr
    Version update auf 1.34

    Arayas SuperZoom (1.30 - 1.34)

    updated to 1.34

    A small file for a HUGE zoom on map view or taking a job map.

    Use it with any map, you will not have problems no matter how large it's your map combination.

    Place it above any map. As usual things are maded in two ways, if you use Promods (with or without other maps) and Standard Zoom, for vanilla map

  • 16. Dezember, 19:23 Uhr
    Version 1.0


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16.12 2017
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V update auf 1.34
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