MAN TGX v2.4 von MADster

V 2.5.2 Mod für Eurotruck Simulator 2

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Features v2.4:

-Compatible with v1.27

-Differential lock animation

-Cruise control indicator

-Ambient red light

-New fueltanks

-New front plates


Modell: MADster, CobraBlue6, SCS Software
Textur: MADster, CobraBlue6, SCS Software
Script: MADster, CobraBlue6, SCS Software
Idee / Konzept: MADster, CobraBlue6, SCS Software
Tester: MADster, CobraBlue6, SCS Software
Sonstige: MADster, CobraBlue6, SCS Software


  • 13. März, 00:30 Uhr
    Version 2.5.2

    MAN TGX v2.5.2 (1.36.x)

    Hello here I bring the fix v2.5.2 of the MADster MAN TGX Euro6 v2.5 mod for ETS2 version 1.36.x. MAN TGX v2.5 (v1.32)

    Madster mod INCLUDED in .zip - file !!!

    The instructions for installation are in the file DOWNLOAD INSTRUCTIONS.pdf

    Madster ; Anarook

  • 19. Januar, 20:08 Uhr
    Version 2.5.1

    MAN TGX v2.5.1 (1.36.x)

    Update for 1.36
    Textures updated for DX11
    Correction in the dash board suitable for Directx11.

    - This mod replaces the standard MAN TGX from SCS
    - Adds new chassis, cabs, varied tuning and different body kit options
    - Redesigned interior
    - Added to agency orders and gallery

    - Steering wheel settings
    - New wipers animation
    - New seats and floor
    - Added automatic and manual gearshift lever
    - Added parking brake - with animation
    - Animated ignition key
    - Animated pedals
    - Cable support
    - Supports DLC Cabin Accessories and Flag

  • 02. Oktober, 20:29 Uhr
    Version 2.5

    Added in v2.5:
    -Improved normal exhaust and batterybox
    -New V8 exhaust added
    -Special V8 wheels added
    -Spare wheel for 4×2 chassis
    -Low deck chassis
    -New 3D Cab and Chassis
    -New 3D chassis and engine badges
    -Selectable foglights function
    -Improved lights texture and lightmask
    -Two new leather steering wheel
    -Manual gearbox depending on the gearbox selected
    -New mirror system
    -Animated air and electrical cables
    -Customisable license plate
    -Wind deflectors in different versions
    -New on board display (as realistic as possible)
    -Remade engines/transmission
    -Efficinet Line and V8 skin
    -Paint correction (vertex color value changed to match SCS trucks)
    -Independent low poly shadow geometry (this should reduce lag)
    -Various fixes and improvemets

    MADster, CobraBlue6, EVR Vasiley

  • 01. April, 03:45 Uhr
    Version 2.4


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