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Hungary Map 0928a Hotfix & New AI by Indian56for Ets2 1.31.x game version


This mod contains 2 scs files, one (HM_0928s_hotfix_for_1.31.x_byIndian56.scs) is the Hotfix,


the other (HM_0928a_new_AI_test_byIndian56.scs) primarily uses the new AIs 


(Electricity, HÉV, various trains and level crossings), but also many new models I'm not telling you now! 



*This mode requires HUNGARY_MAP v0.9.28a by Frank007




Lecsó's video it can help in use, have a look!



Use mod at your own risk as it may contain errors.

It is worth to be careful when it comes to level crossings.


Activation sequence (very important):


- HM_0928a_new_AI_test_byIndian56.scs


- HM_0928a_hotfix_for_1.31.x_byIndian56.scs


- hungary_model.scs


- hungary_base.scs



"Hotfix" and "AI Test mod" can only be used together! 


(I do not usually issue a mode that may not work flawlessly, but after more and more people are "pushing",


I thought that as many people as possible test it, maybe you can filter out the bugs as soon as possible!)



Modell: Frank007, indian56
Textur: Frank007, indian56
Script: Frank007, indian56
Idee / Konzept: Frank007, indian56
Tester: Frank007, indian56
Sonstige: Frank007, indian56


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12.06 2018
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