Karte Eldorado + fix [1.31.x]

V 1.33 Fixed pink buildings (18.12.18) Mod für Eurotruck Simulator 2

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-Create a new profile;

-Enable the map and in the game mode option change to “eldorado.mbd”




Fix mod will correct the crash when starting the map. Only use if you are having problems. Turn it on with maximum priority.



Elvis Félix


Modell: Elvis Félix
Textur: Elvis Félix
Script: Elvis Félix
Idee / Konzept: Elvis Félix
Tester: Elvis Félix
Sonstige: Elvis Félix


  • 18. Dezember, 18:02 Uhr
    Version 1.33 Fixed pink buildings (18.12.18)

    Map Eldorado FREE for 1.33 Fixed pink buildings 1.33.x

    Fix the bug of the pink buildings on the map.

    Instructions: download the map again and replace it in the mod folder.

    Elvis Félix

  • 03. Dezember, 19:17 Uhr
    Version update auf 1.33.x

    Map updated to the new version: 1.33.

    Beautiful and varied map
    The map is offline, you need to create a profile and select the module eldorado.mbd

    On the map there are various roads, both asphalt and off-road, various serpentines
    Beautiful landscapes and forests, beautifully built cities.

    Map contains 66 cities

  • 27. September, 22:40 Uhr
    Version 1.7.1 für 1.32

    Hello everyone, after a while without updates I hereby present to you the new version of Eldorado map, which now
    has a new city hub, the city of Jacupiranga containing four neighborhoods including the city center, linking deliveries
    to the neighborhoods the town of Eldorado. One new feature is the possibility to deliver at gas stations, making
    the map even more diverse. Get ready for new adventures, challenges, and to meet new scenarios in the new
    version Map Eldorado compatible with the version 1.32.x of the game.

    New version 1.7.1:
    Added compatibility with 1.32;
    -Added city of Tapiraí;
    -Added city of Peruibe;
    -Added city of Cananeia;
    -Added Itapitangui neighborhood;
    – Fixed bugs;

    Install help:
    -Download the map below;
    - You do not need to extract the file, just copy it to the mod folder;
    -The fix of version 1.31 must be deleted and only the map of 1.32 active;
    -Create a new profile (if you already have a profile on the map just activate the map in the manager of mods);
    -Go to the mods manager and enable the map
    -In the game mode option change to "eldorado.mbd":

    Author: Elvis FelixThe authors combine maps: voldemar56, losevo58

    Tested on game version 1.32.x

  • 22. Mai, 21:05 Uhr
    Version update auf 1.31


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