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Game: Euro Truck Simulator 2Mod Released: 2014Authors / Developers: M95, kytoVersion game: 1.10.1,,
Tested version:

   :United States: Description: This modpack contains 4 new cities and a few new roads in italy. More information (installation and sectors for example) could be found in the manual. Any bugs can be reported here.Reposting is strictly forbidden, promoting is allowed but link to this site or to the SCS forum page and not to the downloadlink. Reuploading the mod on another website is stealing and makes the mod illegal for both the uploader and the downloader (who is downloading the file not here so please be careful).
What's in this pack
This pack contains four new cities:-Parma-Modena (including a small regional road network).-Genova-VicenzaThis pack contains six new roads:-A22 Verona-Modena (autostrada del Brennero)-A1 Milano-Modena (Autostrada del Sole)-A4 Verona-Vicenza-Toll-free road Verona-Vicenza-A7 Milano-Genova (Autostrada dei Giovi/ Serravalle)-A12 Genova-La Spezia(not in map yet) (Autostrada Azzurra)
The modifications made in the pack:- A22 - A4:  Custom junction- Modena: Roadworks at the building spanning the road
This mod is compatible with the promods pack and Reisprojekt 1.3, not with TSM. (Please report any issues when using with Promods).Reisprojekt compatibility:To play this mod in combination with the reisprojekt map there should be taken a few extra steps.- You need to take the normal mod file and the sign file (not promods)- Add as much z's in front of th filename as neccesary to give the Italymod "priority"in the mod-folder, otherwise it won't load.Example: zzzitaly.scs becomes zzzzzzitaly.scs to give it priority to zzzzzreislord.scs (these are not the used filenames but the system is the same)- There is a bug in the route between the south and the north of Italy. This shouldn't give that much problems (game won't crash) but it might be a bit frustrating. Some jobs will be too long for example.- You can't run promods when you're running reisprojekt and vice versa.Important for the 1.9 update:The mod has been updated to the 1.9 settings but at some prefabs traffic might dissapear. Versions lower than 1.9 are not supported anymore, so please upgrade your ETS2 to 1.9.x.
I want to download it
Please only use this link, this is the original one. You will only get support at this forum: [1.2.1, promods compatible, reisprojekt compatible

 Installation: Copy the files from the archive into the folder My Documents \ Euro Truck Simulator 2 \ mod \


M95, kyto


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    Version 1.2.1


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  1. Linus-101 14. 06 2014

    Nein Johnny, die Map ist wie ALLE anderen auch nicht mit der TSM Map zu spielen

  2. erdbeercreme 13. 06 2014

    ... man kommt irgendwie nicht weiter, in Vicenza da ist zu ?!
    Da ist eine unsichtbare Wand ? !