Fix für MAN TGA v1.6 von MADster 1.35.x

V fix für 1.6.2 [1.37.x] Mod für Eurotruck Simulator 2

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Hello here I bring the fix of the MADster MAN TGA 1.6 mod for ETS2 version 1.35.x.

The instructions for installation are in the file DOWNLOAD INSTRUCTIONS.pdf

Original Truck Mod HERE:




Modell: Anarook
Textur: Anarook
Script: Anarook
Idee / Konzept: Anarook
Tester: Anarook
Sonstige: Anarook


  • 11. Mai, 20:12 Uhr
    Version fix für 1.6.2 [1.37.x]

    MAN TGA v1.6.2 by Madster (1.37.x)

    Features truck MAN TGA:
    - A great looking MAN TGA
    - A REAL and good looking interior
    - All default accessories
    - All default skins
    - Chassis: 4x2 / 6x2 - midlift / 6x2 - taglift / 6x4 / 8x4 (with liftable axle)
    - Two interior types Grey / Black dashboard
    - Two types of bumper Road / Heavy
    - Plastic bumpers available for both setups
    - Cab Accessories DLC compatible
    - And a lot of special addons

    Changes v1.6.2 by Mondo.N for 1.37.x:
    - Openable windows
    - EVR's sound adapted to FMOD
    - pmg format adapted to 1.37
    - You need original truck MAN TGA v1.6 by Madster

    You need original v1.6

    Link 1 fix v1.6.2:

    Link 2 Original Truck:

  • 27. Januar, 22:29 Uhr
    Version fix für 1.6.1 [1.36.x]

    MAN TGA v1.6.1 -fixed- [1.36.x]

    Changelog v1.6.1:

    -Update for 1.36
    -Corrected textures for DX11

    Changes v1.6:

    -Better 5Star skin quality
    -Added new skin "MAN Stripes"
    -Added animated cables
    -Added 6x2/2 non steerable midlift chassis
    -Added extra gearboxes with lowdeck gear ratios
    -Added manual gearbox depending on the gearbox selected
    -Added yellow flares for yellow lights
    -Included new mirror system
    -Steam inventory paintjobs and cabin accessories compatible
    -Fixed "shiny" icons
    -Fixed interior materials
    -Fixed default paintjobs
    -Various fixes and improvemets

    -real interior
    -All accessories
    -All skins
    -Chassis 4x2 / 6x2 - medium / 6x2 - taglift / 6x2 / 2 / 6x4 / 8x4 (with lifting axle)
    -Two gray / black dashboard interiors
    -Two types of bumper Road / Heavy
    -Plastic bumpers
    - In-cab Accessories DLC-compatible
    -And many special additions

  • 12. Juni, 21:40 Uhr
    Version fix für 1.6


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