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This is the first bugfix for Fantamap V1.
Fixed Bugs:
#1: Removed invisible wall at Posped Gager.
#2: Removed invisible wall in Giesingen City Tunnel.
Thanks to RayFiftyOne for reporting those Bugs.
See more pictures below this post:

After a long time and a lot of work, I finished my first own map for ETS2.
It is based on Germany, but mainly just built completely random without covering places from real life. The villages Thiessow and Gager ar rebuilt after the original villages on Rügen Island, northern Germany. The map scale is 1:1.
MAP DLC “Scandinavia” is required!
Truck Dealers:
Scania in Thiessow; DAF in Gager; MAN in Kamradsdorf; Mercedes-Benz in Giesingen.
If you find any bugs on the map, please report them by commenting below this post.
How to install: Download the file on sharemods, unzip the .scs files into you mod folder for ETS2. Create a new profile, activate both mods, and choose the game module “Fantamap.mdb”
Enjoy it!

Map: JulianOxford (julianoxford.ets2modding); Prefabs/Models: FLD


Modell: JulianOxford
Textur: JulianOxford
Script: JulianOxford
Idee / Konzept: JulianOxford
Tester: JulianOxford
Sonstige: JulianOxford


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    Version 1.1


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