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Tregion Map v0.1.2 - The bugfix edition is released! 

What do you need to play the map? 


This edition includes a whole lot of bugfixes and of course compatibility with ETS2 1.34! 


What is new?

Not a lot is new. We mainly fixed bugs. 

There are 2 new area’s visible from old sections which are Zevenhuizen and Utrecht-Oudenrijn. 

These will be included in Tregion 0.2

What do I have to do with my old profile?

Don’t worry, just deactivate the old pack and activate the new pack. 

You can enjoy Tregion again and use your current profile!


What? A new DLC needed?

Yes it’s true. For this release we require the DLC Baltics. 

Why? The new area’s which are slightly included require this DLC because we use assets from it. 

To be sure it works we require this DLC 


Feel free to donate

By donating we can proceed paying for the server and giving you the 

fast torrent download which we prefer you to use. 

This is also the way to keep Tregion free and for nothing for everyone so keep that in mind! 


Modell: Sven Engelen
Textur: Sven Engelen
Script: Sven Engelen
Idee / Konzept: Sven Engelen
Tester: Sven Engelen
Sonstige: Sven Engelen


  • 04. Mai, 18:51 Uhr
    Version 0.1.2


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