BC-[T] Besitzbare alte Anhänger [MP fähig] 1.34.X

V 1.0 Mod für Eurotruck Simulator 2

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The modification allows you to purchase the property of all 27 "old" default trailers.
You can only buy in a single-player game, "modify" and repair it already in Truckers MP.
located in the "Trailer Manager".

If you use a mod, rate it and subscribe to the author to see the new modifications
If you find an error when using a modification, please indicate it in the comments so that I can fix it.
Do not forget to follow the rules of Truckers MP, so as not to get banned.

Feature List
-Trailers are in a separate dealer "Old Trailer".
-Trailers types: reefer,curtain,tank and others trailers,allow to paint in any custom color.
-Trailers support changing wheel accessories, except for: Low Bad trailer, car transporter.
-In trailers, you can load the game cargo from the "Cargo Market".
-Work in Trucker MP!

Unfortunately, you cannot choose a cargo for Low Bad trailer, car transporter and other trailers,maybe later this option.
Trailer "mixer" does not support changing wheel accessories
If the trailer is close to the cab, the truck must be unhooked and hooked.

Full trailer list
Brick trailer;Car transporter(blue, red, black);Bulk cement trailer;Cement mixer;Chemical tank trailer;Food tank trailer;Fuel tank trailer;Glass trailer;Livestock carrier;Logging trailer; Yellow old tipper;Low Bad trailer(yellow, red, black);Panel transporter(yellow, red, blue); White new tipper; Standard trailers with "aero" fairings;Truck transporter; New cistern Willing.

Sequence of use (Perform everything in a single game)
1. Press the key "Subscribe";
2. Go into the game and connect the mod in the profile (Manager of modifications);
3. Go to the "Trailer Dealer";
4. Select your trailer;
4.1. Modify trailer
5.1.Go to Truckers MP.


Modell: Belka647
Textur: Belka647
Script: Belka647
Idee / Konzept: Belka647
Tester: Belka647
Sonstige: Belka647


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    Version 1.0


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