Allison Automatic Transmission Pack EU [1.35.x]

V 1.5.1 Mod für Eurotruck Simulator 2

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Experience SEAMLESS shifting with Allison's automatic transmissions!   NOTICE: This mod will only be supporting SCS Default trucks.  However, upon request, I will be happy to make it compatible with  other engine mods which involve the default trucks.   Since the release of American Truck Simulator, SCS has added the ability to create  automatic transmissions starting with the Allison 6-speed. Compared to [automated]  manual transmissions, these automatics utilize a torque converter in place of a clutch.  Now with the 1.24 update, torque converter simulation has been added.   Allison Transmission strives to drive customers with "new and unique innovation in  fuel-saving transmissions designed especially for road tractors."  Utilizing a torque converter  and many other important features, Allison promises to deliver better fuel efficiency,  improved maneuverability, reliable operation, and low-cost maintainence(1).   In-game: I STRONGLY SUGGEST DRIVING IN REAL AUTOMATIC MODE WHEN EQUIPPING A TRUCK WITH AN AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION.  These transmissions are available only on all SCS Default trucks(2)(3)(4)(5).  Gear ratios were selected to ensure efficient operation at 56 MPH (90 KPH).  Torque rating for the TC10 model is 2,305 Newton-meters; for the 4000 series is 2,508 Newton-meters;  for the 6600 model is 3,390 Newton-meters. Be sure to select the appropriate engine for each transmission model.   (1) Results vary with driving style. (2) You must be at minimum level 13 to start unlocking these transmissions. (3) THIS MOD REPLACES THE 4500 MODEL (INCLUDING REBRANDED TRANSMISSIONS IN SOME TRUCKS) ALREADY IN-SIM! (4) IMPORTANT: To avoid crash to desktop, DO NOT SELECT a transmission incompatible with an engine! (5) Multi-torque engines are NOT supported!   New version 1.5.1: - Added support for Drivetrain Revision engines from galimim   Version 1.5.0 (18 Jun 2019)   - Added the transmissions for the MAN TGX Euro 6 - Added "conflict_with" code to prevent crashes from selecting incompatible engine with Allison transmission - Removed support for EngineMOD from Snoman   - NOTE: You may need to re-purchase a compatible engine. Check the "Diagnostics" of your truck and see if the engine has been reset   The following models are included in this pack: - 4000 - 4500 - 4700 - 6600 (H6620) - TC10   **DO NOT FORGET TO EXTRACT THE .SCS FILE INSIDE! **


Modell: Boeing73FLY
Textur: Boeing73FLY
Script: Boeing73FLY
Idee / Konzept: Boeing73FLY
Tester: Boeing73FLY
Sonstige: Boeing73FLY


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