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  1. SneakyBeaky 19. 05 2018

    Mod: Bunning Reskin
    No problem bud, hopefully you enjoy.

  2. SneakyBeaky 06. 08 2017

    Mod: powergrid
    No you dont need to pay for it. It's you who is being dense if you can't figure it out. This interface gives you more options if you're using a wheel/joystick set up for other mods. In fact its great if youre using a controller as it frees up key bindings. Take your narrow mindedness else where if you can't post constructive feedback.

  3. SneakyBeaky 06. 08 2017

    Mod: powergrid
    In the case of commands not working, its due to input binding conflicts. Try changing the inputs in power grid.
    One thing to note, I have found that if a key has already been used in power grid, lets say 'enter(return)' for example, if you try and use 'lft ctrl + e', it will not work, even if you use 'np enter'. It seems that np+e is just the same as e(return) when you go to use it.
    For me, 'lft ctrl+e' is gps reset but, it would start the engine as 'return' is used to start it. I dont completely understand why it ignores combine key inputs but, it does.

  4. SneakyBeaky 13. 02 2017

    Mod: Claas Lexion 700 STAGE IV Pack
    I found if i turn off alpha blending on the windows that it removes the issue. I dont know if this is the correct fix.

  5. SneakyBeaky 13. 02 2017

    Mod: Claas Lexion 700 STAGE IV Pack
    Can anyone assist me on fixing the reflection issue when in cab view

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  6. SneakyBeaky 13. 08 2016

    Mod: John Deere 4755
    Cheers for the add Jukka, sad to see you quit fs but thanks for all the work youve done when it comes to the modding community. Hopefully we'll see you return :)

  7. SneakyBeaky 09. 08 2016

    Mod: John Deere 7810 / 7710
    Absolute numpties those who don't give this 5 star- It's a beautiful creation and the fine detail make it so much better. I have to say this will become one of my favourite mods to use. Thank you for releasing it and I look forward to your next work. If you accept donations please pm the details ;)

  8. SneakyBeaky 21. 07 2016

    Mod: Abschleppkette
    what am I missing here, I can only attach the red painted side??

  9. SneakyBeaky 21. 07 2016

    Mod: John Deere 4755
    Ah that will explain it then haha. Would you mind If I added a beacon to it?

  10. SneakyBeaky 21. 07 2016

    Mod: John Deere 4755
    Why can't I see any beacons nor find the IC option to install them?

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  11. SneakyBeaky 11. 04 2016

    Mod: Claas Xerion Saddle Trac 3800
    Hey dude, can you explain as to why its only for single player use?

  12. SneakyBeaky 27. 11 2015

    Mod: Hawe WPS 22T verzinkt
    Hi,ive tried to translate your instruction but google hasnt helped my cause. Sprechen Sie Englisch?

  13. SneakyBeaky 24. 10 2015

    Mod: Ackendorf
    Can anyone tell me how to get liquid manure out from the fertilizer factory. It has water and slurry and its produced 20% but i dont get an option to refill the tanker

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  14. SneakyBeaky 21. 10 2015

    Mod: Ackendorf
    can someone tell me where my chickens are located? ive looked all over for the little buggers.

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