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love to play with MR 2013
  1. quintto 20. 02 2018

    Mod: Schlüter Special Edition Pack
    just wondering why is the 1900 tvl special so small compared to the ingame tractors, is this a scaling issue or is it really so small for a almost 200 hp tractor?

  2. quintto 01. 11 2017

    Mod: Güllepack FS17
    any plans to add support for the hose system mod and/ or dynamic hoses?

  3. quintto 04. 09 2017

    Mod: Fendt Favorit 800 Series
    is it just me or does the frame and front 3 point look black instead of grey, other than that it's an amazing mod, but this keeps on bugging me

  4. quintto 04. 05 2017

    Mod: Fendt Favorit 800 Series
    see screenshot for an example

  5. quintto 01. 05 2017

    Mod: Fendt Favorit 800 Series
    is it just me or does the frond axle and part of the front chassis (just behind the front 3 point) have a strange colour of grey, its almost silver instead of the normalf Fendt dark grey, other than that, great job on these!

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  6. quintto 24. 04 2017

    Mod: Ford Pack
    thats a shame, thanks for releasing the pack though!

  7. quintto 16. 03 2017

    Mod: Fendt Favorit 800 Series
    wel i believe making the 900 gen 1 would be pretty easy because if I recall correctly the I3D of this mod already has the vario joystik in the file, all you would need to do is make some decals and put it in game. with that 916-926 you mean the second gen right? I don't think that one had TMS already, that was the 3rd gen (916-930). still good luck (btw if you want to use my gearbox config just send me a PM)

  8. quintto 15. 03 2017

    Mod: Fendt Favorit 800 Series
    Great job, I do know the version of agrarteam, but it was really *****. The tractors had double the hp of what they are supposed to have and they had allot of other issues. I tried fixing it because I really like the 800/900 series, but it was allot of work.
    So I based my fix on your version, I fixed it for dedicated servers ( there are some accents in the mod desc) added gearbox and changed the colour.
    Als I have to ask, are there any plans to make a 900 series based on this?

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  9. quintto 12. 03 2017

    Mod: Erweiterte Gearbox-Config
    I made a config based on yours with the different gearbox for the high speed models and a torqueconverter/ fluid clutch which the real schluter also had. if you want to use it please send me a privare message

  10. quintto 12. 03 2017

    Mod: Erweiterte Gearbox-Config
    so you increased the RPM on the 50 K models if I got that correctly ( my german is not that great) but did you know that its now possible to make different gearboxes for different engine configs? so knowing that the highspeed schlüters actually had a 18% higher gearing in every gear ( source: ) the high speed models should have a different gearbox

    I would have made a config already but I couldn't find the gearings anywhere.

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  11. quintto 07. 03 2017

    Mod: Güllepack FS17
    I have tried this in our dedi server, but i have the feeling that the application rate isn't working for MP, i think its just a client side thing and the server still uses the default application. Also me and my friend sometimes got different filllevels displayed while filling the thing (1 axle veehuis) from the shuttle (small 2 axle kotte), like it would fill for me but for him the filllevel would be frozen. ( no errors or anything as far as I know)

  12. quintto 02. 02 2017

    Mod: John Deere 7710/7810
    any plans on adding support for the gearboxmod?

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  13. quintto 19. 12 2016

    Mod: Holaras Stego 200 Eco
    I am not able to fill this up with water on Lossberg, any idea why?

  14. quintto 10. 02 2016

    Mod: OGF USA
    i cannot get this map to work on our dedicated server, it loads fine, but the player that wants to joing keeps syncing (game is not frozen) because of this we are not able to join the game

  15. quintto 17. 01 2016

    Mod: Panonija Hecklader
    it doesn't attach to those either

  16. quintto 17. 01 2016

    Mod: Panonija Hecklader
    it doesn't attach to anny buckets for me, am I the only one having this problem?

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  17. quintto 29. 12 2015

    Mod: IHC 1055
    could you make the windows a bit more transparent?

  18. quintto 18. 10 2015

    Mod: Schlüter Super Trac 3000 TVL LS
    please say you are going yo release this awesome schluters in fs15? that would be so amazing, please?

  19. quintto 06. 10 2015

    Mod: Berechnungshilfe für den Soilmod
    could you make an english version, for the people that aren't german, because I understand some of it but it would be awesome if this was in english (or dutch)

  20. quintto 24. 09 2015

    Mod: Kleinseelheim
    is the milk selling automatic?

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  21. quintto 16. 09 2015

    Mod: New Holland Bundle
    I would make it keypad 789 because 456 are used for lights usually

  22. quintto 10. 09 2015

    Mod: New Holland Bundle
    the splitting up is more for use on servers, because of the massive size of the pack it's nor really worth putting it on a server if you only want 1 tractor of the whole pack

  23. quintto 03. 09 2015

    Mod: Magirus Ladekran mit Schaufel
    this would be awesome in fs15

  24. quintto 08. 02 2015

    does it work with the it runner dlc?

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  25. quintto 01. 12 2014

    Mod: Liebherr 900C Litronic
    I would love a log grabber on that :D

  26. quintto 24. 08 2014

    Mod: Beginn des Bauen
    this is the farming sim, WIP section, not the minecraft one

  27. quintto 13. 08 2014

    Mod: Neue Reifen + Bildvergleich V0.9 - V1.0
    how about just a 310 ls?

  28. quintto 06. 08 2014

    Mod: MoreRealistic DLCs
    I can't get it to work, do I need to wait for the newest patch?

  29. quintto 04. 08 2014

    Mod: Neue Reifen + Bildvergleich V0.9 - V1.0
    any change of you making like the whole range of the 300 farmer series?
    304 ls(a)
    305 ls(a)

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  30. quintto 11. 06 2014

    Mod: Holland map
    I am missing a pda map

  31. quintto 30. 05 2014

    Mod: Status 22.05.2014 und Wünsche?
    I would like to see a MR version of this pack
    BTW it already looks great :D

  32. quintto 14. 05 2014

    Mod: Meilenstein: Mähbalken fertig
    is there going to be a MR version??

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  33. quintto 10. 04 2014

    Mod: AutoCombine
    yeah MR compitible!!!

  34. quintto 12. 02 2014

    Mod: Lindberg
    please make normal field that you need to buy and don't have all the field preseeded, otherwise a great map!

  35. quintto 13. 01 2014

    Mod: V3.1 Fortschritte / publicBeta
    can you make it compatible with more realistic??

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  36. quintto 16. 12 2013

    Mod: Evers Bali
    almelo isn't a village its a town/city

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  37. quintto 28. 11 2013

    Mod: Pöttinger Alpha und X8
    i really like the mowers because now i can make silage and bales faster but it is annoying to put the mower in the right position every time you connect them to a tractor, how to fix that?

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