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  1. PAO87 09. 08 2017

    Mod: Mining & Construction Economy
    This seems like a great map, but can't figure out how to run it correctly in multiplayer. Work great in single player, but unable to pick up dirt and other materials in multiplayer.

    Have gotten tired of trying to figure out this. Seems like lots of players have this issue, but the solution are not that well known.

    On my server i'm currently running only "Mining & Construction Economy" v0.4 and "AAA UniversalProcessKit" v17.0.9.

    I did read somewhere that v17.0.6 of UPK works, but no luck here :s

    Seems for me that it is the UPK that is not working, as you get the same fault, running the map on single player without UPK

    No obvious errors in game log.

    So.. anyone have any idea of how to proper run this map on dedicated server?

  2. PAO87 15. 05 2017

    Mod: Goldcrest valley plus plus
    Has been a while now. Absolutely love this map. Do you know about when you plan for the new version to be ready? Are you still working on it?

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