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  1. Nicko87 08. 03 2020

    Mod: Unimog U400
    Thx for reply! In the log I have no errors or warnings... I mean the Strautmann or other modules after attaching to the vehicle oscillate a little.. I know if fix in the version... But I don't understand why do this...

    I have see also a video on YT but I don't see there this problem..

  2. Nicko87 08. 03 2020

    Mod: Unimog U400
    Hi Tackleberry , I'm your fan and of this Unimog since FS17 (I posted some pics of your U400 in the image section). I love it, but more the fact that you constantly update it ...
    I try this but I notice the same problem with modules (they swing) like in For the rest is so nice.. Thanks, only another question: Are you planning to improve the interior? Thanks, cheers from Itayl

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  3. Nicko87 10. 07 2017

    Mod: Unimog U400
    T H A N K S for MOD
    T H A N K S for the continous update

    Cheers, Nicko

  4. Nicko87 01. 07 2017

    Mod: Unimog U400
    The V1.0 worked so good online!

    See there :D

    I have to go, but soon I want to help you with testing!
    Good evening!
    And thanks again!

  5. Nicko87 01. 07 2017

    Mod: Unimog U400
    Thanks authors!
    It's very nice Unimog, some things are to be improved, but thanks and good work!


  6. Nicko87 09. 08 2016

    Mod: MB NG 1632 4x4
    Große mod !!!
    Danksagungen! 5 Sterne!
    Bitte beachten Sie Arbeit über Anzeige der Geschwindigkeit und Armaturenbrett Licht in der Kabine;)
    Und bitte machen 3-Achsen-Version und verschiedene Kabinen B)

  7. Nicko87 09. 04 2016

    Mod: Claas Xerion Saddle Trac 3800
    Mod? What mod? that's another thing, much more like reality! Congratulations, really.

  8. Nicko87 31. 03 2016

    Mod: Tools?
    At what stage is the project of the Kaiser?
    I hope to use in FS soon :D


  9. Nicko87 29. 03 2016

    Mod: Hanomag 55D
    Thank you, I know that.. And I have an adapter...

  10. Nicko87 27. 03 2016

    Mod: Hanomag 55D
    Thank you! I drove it when I was 10 :)

    I was hoping for a more "battered" sound and a dashboard slightly more refined,
    BUT 5 STARS and thanks to the mod! XD

    A V2 with that improvment and attach for wheeload tools is expected (I hope) :)


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  11. Nicko87 20. 03 2016

    Mod: Cat Challenger MT865B
    5 stars
    great mod!
    Perfect idea the implement of script for change carriageway!


  12. Nicko87 03. 03 2016

    Yes, it has potential!! Great idea to pick up the trees more then one time...Thank for this mod. Improve drive (steering) and quality in general. If tool if the tool could detach and attach a bucket or claw would be fantastic.

    5 stars on the trust of an improvement


  13. Nicko87 20. 01 2016

    Mod: Farmtech TDK 900
    Good job! Now: test...

  14. Nicko87 07. 12 2015

    Mod: John Deere 8430T
    Oh, thank you!
    Good job!

  15. Nicko87 07. 12 2015

    Mod: John Deere 8430T
    Very good, finally a serious tracked tractor!

    I tested quickly... but I think 5 stars... Thanks

    (not offend anyone, but I want a CAT Challenger :D)

    (P.s. Texture of the last three steps??)

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  16. Nicko87 06. 11 2015

    Mod: Landrover 109 Series II SW 1965
    P.s. I hope there is passanger script, but thanks anyway for this mod!! 5 star!!

  17. Nicko87 06. 11 2015

    Mod: Landrover 109 Series II SW 1965
    1000 Thanks!!! Like the original model...

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