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  1. mrsrobo86 15. 02 2017

    Mod: Goldcrest valley plus plus
    Hello, thanks for that, so we're having trouble actually making pallets I put in what it asked for but the last line in the help box says error: no fuel
    even though it has woodchips in it. Any ideas what I am doing wrong? I can't wait to go further in the map but we are finding a few things are not working mainly the saw mill near paddock 27 and the pallet place.

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  2. mrsrobo86 14. 02 2017

    Mod: Goldcrest valley plus plus
    Hi, my husband and I are loving your map, however we are new to farm sim 17 and most of the mods on your map, we were wondering if there is a guide as to how to make things works, we're trying to make pallets but so far we are having no luck.

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