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  1. LazyTrucker 28. 11 2014

    Mod: Scania Recovery Truck
    Bear in mind this is version 1. I still have alot of work to do to complete this, I did state this in the ReadMe.txt file. This is 1 month's solid work. Most things had to be built from scrap by me, I have no team and did this all by myself. Scaling was a huge issue as all I had was a youtube video.

  2. LazyTrucker 03. 11 2014

    Mod: Pathfidner Achievement Aid
    This mod is not afake. It is only for the default map of ETS2 and has not been tested on any other map.

  3. LazyTrucker 02. 11 2014

    Mod: Slam It!
    All trucks and chassis, other than the chassis with the tag/midlift.

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