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Empfehlung: LS 2013 : New Holland TM190 v 1.0 [sp]

New-holland-tm190--4 New Holland TM190 Mod
It is the BJR new holland TM190 with Ploughing spec,new tires,new wheels,dual tires and brand new dirt skin but with very basic functions.   Duals-7/8 Ignition-y EsLimiter-+/- Driving Particle...
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Empfehlung: LS 2013 : DEUTZ AGROFARM v 1.0 [sp]

Deutz-agrofarm--3 DEUTZ AGROFARM Mod
Today i present the default Deutz Agrofarm Frontloader.Some people asked for it.Plus the below mentioned stuff.   1.Washable. 2.Ploughing Spec. 3.Wheel Particle Spec. 3.Driving Particles. 4.Real Exhausting...
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LS 2013 : DEUTZ TTV430 CAREWHEELS v 1.0 [sp]

Deutz-ttv430-carewheels DEUTZ TTV430 CAREWHEELS Mod
Presenting the Deutz TTV430 Care Wheels.It has all new tires,rims and the features mentioned below.   1.Washable. 2.Light Script. 3.Real Exhausting System. 4.Wheel Particle Spec. 5.Driving Particle...
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Empfehlung: LS 2013 : LAMBORGHINI R6 VRT135 v 1.0 [sp]

Lamborghini-r6-vrt135 LAMBORGHINI R6 VRT135 Mod
Hello everybody,so today i offer the Lamborghini R6 VRT135.It has the below mentioned features.   Ploughing Spec. Quicke Q36 Frontloader. Washable. Lanes. LightScript. Wheel Particle Spec. Real Exhaust...
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Empfehlung: LS 2013 : SCHLUTER 1500TVL v 1.0 [sp]

Schluter-2500tvl SCHLUTER 1500TVL Mod
Today i offer you the Schluter from the "Farming Simulator Classics" pack.It has below mentioned features.   1-Ploughing Spec. 2-Washable. 3-Real Exhausting System V3. 4-Wheel Particle Spec. 5-Driving...
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Empfehlung: LS 2013 : Lamborghini R4 Italia FL v 1 [sp]

Lamborghini-r4-italia-fl Lamborghini R4 Italia FL Mod
Presenting the Stylish Lamborghini with PloughingSpec,Frontloader,Washable and all the usual features which  my mods always come. Ploughing Spec. Washable. Frontloader. Wheel Particle System. Driving...
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Empfehlung: LS 2013 : SAME EXPLORER v 1.0 [sp]

Same-explorer SAME EXPLORER Mod
Today i present the SAME Explorer.I have made a few changes like new front hydraulic linkage,Ploughing Spec,Sigma Frontloader,washable and all other features which my other mods have as usual.   Ploughing...
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Empfehlung: LS 2013 : DEUTZ AGROTRON M620 v 1 PSFL [sp]

Deutz-agrotron-m620-psfl DEUTZ AGROTRON M620 Mod
Today i present you the Deutz Agrotron M620 tractor.It has got Ploughing Spec,Sigma FL included,and brand new dirt textures all around. People asked for it though very few,nonetheless i have made it...
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Empfehlung: LS 2013 : LINDNER GEOTRAC 94 v 1.0 KROME27 EDITION [sp]

Lindner-geotrac94-krome27-edition LINDNER GEOTRAC 94 Mod
Presenting the Lindner Geotrac94 with Ploughing Spec plus Sigma Frontloader.I have added new tires,duals,rims and a different front hydraulic linkages.Both the SIGMA FL and Tractor are washable,gets...
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LS 2013 : XML For MF 8140 v 1.0 [sp]

Xml-for-mf-8140-v1 XML For MF 8140 Mod
Insert this XML and replace the old one.Braking and driveability has been improved.It will drive better at turns and brakes too are now a bit more powerful now.
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Empfehlung: LS 2013 : Massey Ferguson 8140 v 1 [sp]

Massey-ferguson-8140-v1 Massey Ferguson 8140 Mod
Presenting the familiar Massey Ferguson 8140 with brand new washable skin and new beefier dual tires.If all fares well then the next version will get aSigma Fl,Ploughing Spec, and some more stuff...
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Empfehlung: LS 2013 : Deutz Agrotron X720 v 1 PLOUGHING SPEC [sp]

Deutz-agrotron-x720-ploughing-spec Deutz Agrotron X720 Mod
Presenting the the old workhorse of LS game the powerful Deutz Agrotron X720.It has the below mentioned features.   1-Ploughingspec. 2-Washable. 3-New Tires And Rims. 4-New Green Deutz Skin. 5-Light...
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LS 2013 : CaseIH Steiger 600HD v 3.0 [sp]

Caseih-steiger-600hd-v3 CaseIH Steiger 600HD Mod
Presenting the Case IH Steiger 600HD Version 3.It features new dual tires and rims.New dirt skins.   Lightscript Work. Manual Ignition-KP Enter. Handbrake-Spacebar. Allrad-5. Washable. Driving Particle...
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Empfehlung: LS 2013 : Deutz TTV430 v 2.0 PLOUGHING SPEC [sp]

Deutz-ttv430-v2-0-ploughing-spec Deutz TTV430 Mod
Viele Menschen fragten nach Pflügen Spec + Sigma Frontlader auf meinem Deutz TTV430 V1.1.So hier kommt die V2.0 Deutz TTV430. Es hat alle bisherigen Funktionen plus die neuen.   Pflügen Spec. Sigma...
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Empfehlung: LS 2013 : Schluter 2500VL v 1.1 PLOUGHSPEC [sp]

Schluter-2500vl-ploughspec Schluter 2500VL Mod
Presenting the Schluter 2500VL Version1.1.It has all the previous version 1 features plus the changes mentioned below.   1.PLOUGHING SPEC. 2.FRONT HYDRAULIC LINKAGE. 3.ALL LIGHTS WORK. 4.ODOMETER...
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Empfehlung: LS 2013 : Deutz TTV6190 v 3.2 SIGMA FL PLOUGHINGSPEC [sp]

Deutz-ttv6190-sigma-fl-ploughingspec Deutz TTV6190 Mod
Here comes the V-3.2 Deutz TTV6190 Sigma Frontloader PloughingSpec.The changes made and things added to previous version are mentioned below.   1.PloughingSpec. 2.Oil Change-R. 3.All new dirt skin...
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Empfehlung: LS 2013 : Huerlimann XL130 v 4 PLOUGHSPEC [sp]

Huerlimann-xl130-v4-ploughspec Huerlimann XL130 Mod
Here i present the Huerlimann XL130 V4. The additional changes from previous version V3 i made are mentioned below.   Ploughing Specialization. Sigma Frontloader. Oil Change-R. Hideable FL Mounting...
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Empfehlung: LS 2013 : Deutz TTV7250 v 2.1 PloughingSpec und Sigma FL [sp]

Deutz-ttv7250-ploughingspec-sigma-fl Deutz TTV7250 Mod
Deutz TTV7250 ploughingspec V2.1.The changes and additions made to V2.1. 1.Matching Sigma Frontloader. 2.New Dirt Skin for the tires. 3.Handbrake-Spacebar. 4.Foldable Front Hydraulics-KP5. 5.Openable...
0 Downloads heute
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Empfehlung: LS 2013 : Deutz TTV7250 PloughingSpec v 2 [sp]

Deutz-ttv7250-ploughingspec Deutz TTV7250 PloughingSpec Mod
Presenting the allrounder powerful tractor The V2 Deutz TTV7250-PLOUGHING SPEC.New TM900 Pirelli Dual Tires.Switchable rear weights.Blinkers,hazard and reversing lights works fine now.   1.Ploughing...
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Empfehlung: LS 2013 : Deutz TTV6190 SIGMA FL v 3.1 [sp]

Deutz-ttv6190-sigma-fl Deutz TTV6190 SIGMA FL Mod
Presenting the Deutz TTV6190 V3.1 one of the favourite Deutz's around.It has now got Sigma4 Titanium Frontloader(INCLUDED IN THE MOD).New Pirelli TM900 Tires with new dirt skin.Many people asked for...
  1. krome27 04. 08 2013

    Mod: New Holland T6030
    you have stolen my tire dirt skin which is not a good idea pal

  2. krome27 13. 07 2013

    Mod: New Holland TM190
    Use numpad 7/8 to adjust trailer hitch.

  3. krome27 04. 06 2013

    Mod: Tires With Rims
    I wished the tires had separate rims and tires.Nonetheless they still are very good.The 724 hubs will fit.

  4. krome27 04. 06 2013

    Mod: Tires With Rims
    Been waiting for a long time for these tires

  5. krome27 12. 05 2013

    Mod: Case IH Quadtrac 600
    Very nice dirt skin.The main point is that at last we have a washable articulated Quadtrac 600.I always wanted to make this tractor but you did it first and only the first one is counted.A very nice mod.Best regards.

  6. krome27 09. 05 2013

    You can remove the plate in GE.

  7. krome27 28. 04 2013

    Mod: SCHLUTER 1500TVL
    If you mean dots by "1000 aufgekleckst of brown spots"
    then have a go at creating a dirt skin.I am sure it takes a lot of time to create those brown spots at the right places.

  8. krome27 28. 04 2013

    Mod: SCHLUTER 1500TVL
    I guess my fans are hurting you a lot.Am i right.Sorry for that.

  9. krome27 28. 04 2013

    Mod: SCHLUTER 1500TVL
    All criticism is welcomed.Once someone told me getting criticised is that somebody is jealous and you are succeeding.

    1 Antworten

  10. krome27 20. 04 2013

    Next time i will try so that the 2/5 turns into 5/5.

  11. krome27 17. 04 2013

    I do dirt skins with a combination of four programs.
    3.MS paint &

  12. krome27 15. 04 2013

    Thanks a lot to all of you for making the Geotrac reach in featured list.I thought in Europe and the Americas people only liked big-big tractors.

  13. krome27 14. 04 2013

    If there are like 7 of them then why the heck are you wasting ur time writing comments and maybe downloading it.

  14. krome27 12. 04 2013

    Mod: Deutz Agrotron X720
    I guess believe in all pics.Try it all doubts will be cleared.

  15. krome27 08. 04 2013

    Mod: Massey Ferguson 8140
    Surely the V2 will be coming and i will try my best to iron out the imperfections in the current version.I have started on it.

    1 Antworten

  16. krome27 07. 04 2013

    Mod: Rolnin TA 110
    A very nice brand.A brand is not a brand on the first day it takes time.So i think its the first day.Keep up the hard work buddy.

  17. krome27 06. 04 2013

    Mod: Deutz Agrotron X720
    Please ask the person who uploaded the picture.That picture does not belongs to me.

  18. krome27 06. 04 2013

    Mod: Grass Texture PACK
    nice ground textures where did you got that from?

  19. krome27 06. 04 2013

    Mod: Deutz Agrotron X720
    Thanks everyone for the downloading,I never imagined that the X720 had this much fan following.I have started work on the X720 for atleast 3or4 times and dropped it the same number of times.Nonetheless this time i finished the project.
    Now i feel it is one of my better mods.
    Once again thanks for your support friends.

  20. krome27 24. 03 2013

    Mod: Deutz TTV430
    it will take 2 hours to get fully dirty.

    1 Antworten

  21. krome27 21. 03 2013

    Mod: Schluter 2500VL
    Sorry for any mistakes or complaints friends.
    I have very little knowledge of agri machinery outside of India.
    All i want in my mods is it should be error free and enjoyable.
    Thanx to all who dowload my mods.

    1 Antworten

  22. krome27 09. 03 2013

    Mod: Huerlimann XL130
    I forgot to mention AGO-SYSTEMTECH MFG in credits for the Sigma Frontloader.Sorry for that.

    1 Antworten

  23. krome27 05. 03 2013

    Mod: Deutz TTV7250
    Select the tractor it will work friend

  24. krome27 05. 03 2013

    Mod: Deutz TTV7250
    If someone does not like the dirt textures of the tires,then please replace the tm9002_dirt image in textures with the V2 version dirt image.

    2 Antworten

  25. krome27 26. 02 2013

    Mod: Deutz TTV6190 SIGMA FL
    Thanks a lot for your response.You all made it possible to be in the featured list.

  26. krome27 25. 02 2013

    Mod: Deutz TTV6190 SIGMA FL
    Friend i have no idea why are you getting these errors.I will certainly check it.

  27. krome27 25. 02 2013

    Mod: Deutz TTV6190 SIGMA FL
    Thanx a lot for the log picture.i knew it is error free

  28. krome27 25. 02 2013

    Mod: Deutz TTV6190 SIGMA FL
    The log is completely clean.I checked it just now.I dont know what errors are you getting.

  29. krome27 22. 02 2013

    Mod: Deutz TTV6190
    Then cmon show the dirt textures uve got.It may teach a thing or two.

  30. krome27 20. 02 2013

    Mod: Schluter 2500VL
    It is featured now.Thanks to all the users who downloaded and rated it to be featured.

  31. krome27 17. 02 2013

    Mod: Deutz TTV430v
    Use the key G if attached to a implement.

  32. krome27 03. 02 2013

    Mod: Deutz TTV7250
    Im out on a work trip for another week or so.after the return on fs2013 the first thing i will try to do is add a sigma fl to all my mods if that works out imay offer some new skins.

  33. krome27 03. 02 2013

    Mod: Deutz TTV7250
    It will take 1 or 1.5 real hours to get sure it works.

  34. krome27 30. 01 2013

    Mod: Deutz TTV6190
    Use the G key to switch between the tractor and implements attached.

  35. krome27 30. 01 2013

    Mod: Deutz TTV6190

    1 Antworten

  36. krome27 30. 01 2013

    Mod: Deutz TTV6190
    Whats the harm in every mod being the same original mod edition as long as people like it.

  37. krome27 28. 01 2013

    Mod: Deutz TTV6190
    A very big thanx for all your comments.It feels great reading the praise.Next in the line is the DEUTZ TTV7250

  38. krome27 25. 01 2013

    Mod: CaseIH Steiger 600HD
    yes It is the same version with new tires

    1 Antworten

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