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ets 2 : Renault Magnum v 11.40 [sp]

Renault-magnum-legend-magnum-legend-mat-edition Renault Magnum Mod
Authors: Kosyak_Marihuanovich, Knox_xssMod Description: Fully independent models, including interior and tuning. Machines sold in showrooms across Europe Renault. Magnum Legend also can be found in...
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ets 2 : Volvo FH16 2012 v 1.1 [sp]

Volvo-fh-fh16-2012--3 Volvo FH16 2012 Mod
For Version 1.14.xDefault SCS model has been modified significantly: new headlights, interiror, textures and bump-maps, 5th wheel from Iveco Hi-way.New tuning variants have been added: paintable mirrors...
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ets 2 : RENAULT MAGNUM UPDATES v 9.2.6 [sp]

Renault-magnum-updates RENAULT MAGNUM UPDATES Mod
Cabin: * Changed the pipes on the roof * Side ( fillets ) mirror slightly reduced and shifted forward * Fixed geometry cabin doors * Re- made glass doors * Changed the L-shaped arch windows...
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ets 2 : Milk Trailer Pack v 1.0 [sp]

Milk-trailer-pack--3 Milk Trailer Pack Mod
Trailer (Euro Truck Simulator 2)  Author: Knox_xss  Test Version: 1.12.1 S
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